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  • Anxiety – The Silent Struggle

    Anxiety – The Silent Struggle

    It is tough when Anxiety decides to rear its ugly head. It creeps up whenever you have to do something that you may not have the utmost confidence in doing. It’s a feeling that makes you uncomfortable and can keep you back from putting in your full effort when doing something. It can also be…

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  • Rumination – You need to move forward!

    Rumination – You need to move forward!

    Rumination is a silent ailment for those who have gone through trauma. It keeps us thinking about the more sinister aspects of our pasts and halts our growth for the future. We all have had our own experiences and interpretation of events and sometimes we wish we would have acted a certain way or said…

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  • The Power of Mindfulness

    The Power of Mindfulness

    What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a very powerful and efficient tool in the pursuit of optimal mental health. It allows us to take stock of a situation and pause to really consider how we intend to respond to it. Practicing mindfulness gives you confidence that you will be able to handle a given situation logically.…

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