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  • My Purpose

    My Purpose

    In my heart, I feel that being a martyr and advocate of mental health and awareness is my purpose. I have had quite the journey in regards to my own mental health and I wanted to use what I’ve learned to educate others. I wanted to use the knowledge I’ve gained to be a better…

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  • This is getting out of hand

    This is getting out of hand

    Mental health is important. It was important in the past (although not prioritized too much), it is important in the present (despite the current crisis) and it will continue to be important in the future. In our current landscape, we are trying to further the mental health of all people to ensure that the future…

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  • We need to stop validating the wrong things

    We need to stop validating the wrong things

    Social media will forever be one of my greatest enemies. I feel like it is continuing to be a very negative addition to our lives, no matter how much gain can be found within the algorithms. Superficial ideas and ways of thinking continue to pervade almost every site and I am almost losing hope that…

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  • We are one of many

    We are one of many

    We are all individuals. We go through life and we try to make an impact on the world in our own special ways. We are the main characters of our story and we are still writing our stories. We are naturally self-centered creatures due to the machinations of life as human beings. All of this…

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  • Fatherhood


    Being a dad is great. It’s an experience that I can’t adequately describe in words. It is life changing. Living life for yourself is one thing, but knowing there is someone (or people) that need you to survive and look towards you for encouragement and protection is a feeling like no other. These little people…

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  • The Man In The Mirror

    The Man In The Mirror

    If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change! The late, exceedingly great, Michael Jackson used these lyrics in his iconic song and they have never been more accurate. A lot of times, we tend to put blame on the world around us for our…

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  • Hypervigilance


    Hypervigilance is a state of increased alertness. If you’re in a state of hypervigilance, you’re extremely sensitive to your surroundings. It can make you feel like you’re alert to any hidden dangers, whether from other people or the environment. Often, though, these dangers are not real. Being in this state of mind can be very…

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  • Mental Health and Men

    Mental Health and Men

    This post is going to be a little different from my previous posts. I was trying to educate the masses on the topics of mental health that I myself have come across. Mental health has become a topic that I have really become enamored with, constantly researching topics and coming to understand my place in…

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  • Idealization – Take Off The Rose Tinted Glasses

    Idealization – Take Off The Rose Tinted Glasses

    We are all human and capable of some truly epic marvels. When we are born, our potential is only limited by our imaginations. We can also look at other people and feel as though we see something no one else can see. We can look at someone’s more positive attributes and base our interest and…

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  • Self Love – The Best Love

    Self Love – The Best Love

    Loving oneself is essential to our continued survival. You must appreciate who you are in this world and the impact you have. You are alive, living and breathing, able to partake in what the world has to offer. People need to take care of their mind, body, and soul on a consistent basis in order…

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