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  • Fatherhood


    Being a dad is great. It’s an experience that I can’t adequately describe in words. It is life changing. Living life for yourself is one thing, but knowing there is someone (or people) that need you to survive and look towards you for encouragement and protection is a feeling like no other. These little people…

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  • Over Sexed Media

    Over Sexed Media

    Okay, let’s get it out of the way, sex is good. It feels great. It makes you feel alive and it’s just what humans do for reproduction. It’s an activity that adults partake in order to connect, feel pleasure, bond, etc. It’s natural! What I don’t like, however, is how much sex is shown in…

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  • Facebook/Instagram, Take Accountability!

    Facebook/Instagram, Take Accountability!

    Social media is a driving force in our society. I have stated such already and no one can contest that idea. There is so much money, networking, and opportunity that can be gained from utilizing social media. Alas, there is a cesspool of negativity that comes from it that effects people of all walks. Young…

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  • Self Love – The Best Love

    Self Love – The Best Love

    Loving oneself is essential to our continued survival. You must appreciate who you are in this world and the impact you have. You are alive, living and breathing, able to partake in what the world has to offer. People need to take care of their mind, body, and soul on a consistent basis in order…

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  • Getting Work Done on Your Body – You Don’t Need to Alter Yourself!

    Getting Work Done on Your Body – You Don’t Need to Alter Yourself!

    Body positivity is something that I feel is slowly being drained from our society. We are born with different looks and attributes that distinguish us from each other. We all have different shaped heads, noses, mouths, etc. These features (or lack thereof) have been passed down through generations, from the features our ancestors had, to…

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