The Power of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very powerful and efficient tool in the pursuit of optimal mental health. It allows us to take stock of a situation and pause to really consider how we intend to respond to it. Practicing mindfulness gives you confidence that you will be able to handle a given situation logically. Now, that isn’t to say that it is something that’s easy for everyone to practice and utilize. Some people may have more trouble with it than others. Nevertheless, even baby steps in trying to utilize it can show results that can boost one’s confidence in any given situation.

I myself utilize it in order to properly manage feelings of inadequacy and misunderstanding. Tone sensitivity can lead to misinterpretation and I am very guilty of perceiving the wrong intent in someone’s tone. Mindfulness allows me to take a step back and truly consider a person’s intent before jumping to conclusions that lead to even greater turbulence. It really helps my confidence knowing that I won’t go off on someone who meant no ill will towards me. This goes very far in helping me cultivate meaningful relationships and allows me to be truly present in my interactions without my emotions getting in the way.

Mindfulness requires you to take a few moments to just stop and give yourself a kind of “status report”. Naturally, people may find it weird for you to just suddenly pause in the middle of conversation. That is why repeated practical use of mindfulness allows it to become second nature. You will find yourself always taking stock of your current mental state, which allows you to properly channel energy for your pursuits. You can practice it even in a situation like watching TV or videos on YouTube. Take a moment to listen to the speaker. Hear their tone of voice and then stop to truly consider their intent and how you perceive it. You may find that you gave it thought only based on how they were saying it. Now go back and listen again, trying to keep yourself impartial and taking notice of the feelings that arise as you hear the speaker. You will notice a difference in how you interpreted what the speaker said. A more positive (or negative) interpretation may arise, regardless, you will be in tune with how you react to the new mindset .

Mindfulness practice has been employed to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and even in the treatment of drug addiction. Actual clinical studies have shown it’s effect on so many types of mental illness, and even simple everyday problems. Everyone can benefit from it’s effectiveness in their lives, no matter who you are. I believe that mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools to understanding and displaying the best version of yourself.

My Own Struggles

Mental health awareness wasn’t always on the forefront of my mind. There was a time in my life where I was totally against “getting help” and I thought that I could overcome my issues on my own through various illogical means. I tried to wish away the anger. I tried false bravado in the face of my anxiety. I tried faking it to make it in terms of my depression. I don’t have to tell you that NONE of this worked at all. I needed to go beyond my pride as a man in order to talk to someone in order to get to the root of what my true issue was. All I was doing was placating myself until another trigger came along to ignite my problems once again. It wasn’t until a VERY life changing moment took place that I finally took the steps necessary to start therapy.

My issues basically boil down to anxiety brought up from my childhood that has had a profound effect on my life as an adult. Not to get into too much detail, but my childhood wasn’t exactly normal and my mother had some narcissistic tendencies that always had me on edge. This translated to me using anger to defend myself whenever my anxiety went overboard. This would then lead to depression as remorse set in due to my actions. This happened far too many times in my adult life and while I was fully aware I was acting inappropriately, my inaction in getting proper help just dug me deeper and deeper into shame. The cycle of emotions kept on going and going with no end in sight. I wasn’t making steps to improve my mental fortitude. Relationships faltered, and my outlook on life became very bleak.

That’s when I decided to dive into therapy. Speaking to a therapist and being completely open about everything that went on in my life really helped shed light on where my emotions come from. Just being able to get a grasp on what was causing my outrageous outbursts and learning that the cause was deeper than I realized was a very eye opening experience. As an adult, I didn’t really grasp that the ways we respond to different stimuli can have roots in our childhood. The way we were raised, the temperament of our caretakers, whatever we may have went through, all these things can have a profound effect on our psyche and we become these confused and misunderstood adults who lack awareness in regards to our mental stability. This is not a death sentence, and you are not “set in your ways”. Sometimes people will try to label someone as a certain type of person, yet no one, not even the person, knows exactly why they are that type of person. It could be an angry, shy, bossy, evil, and/or vindictive person. Different life experiences can mold people and they may not even realize it until they are “set in their ways”. That’s the way I lived my life for far too long.

My anger was out of control for years. I broke objects, damaged property, damaged hearts, and most of all lost the respect of many people I cherish due to not getting a hold of myself sooner. But in terms of oneself and your future aspirations, it is never too late to start to get a handle on what makes you tick in order to make it tick stronger without distraction. My issues are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the issues we may all be going through. I just wanted to expose myself so that others can know that there are other people out there punching walls messing up their hands. There are other people who scream their souls out. There are other people who say things in outrage they don’t mean. None of these things make you an inherently bad person. Just someone who may need to take extra steps in order to evolve.

Why I Want To Reach Others In Terms Of Mental Health

Mental Health has always been something that I found interesting. Going back to my college days, I was always interested in psychology and the mind in general.

Hello! My name is Sean and this is Tyrone’s Mental Health Corner. It’s a place where I just want to share my journey through my own mental landscapes and just give anyone who visits the sense that there is help out there for them and their issues/concerns in regards to mental health. Some people just believe that it’s “all in their head” or that they can get over their problems on their own. That just may not be true and there are trained professionals that can help you work through your concerns. Even if you don’t want to talk to someone, there are different techniques and lifestyle changes that can push you in the direction of mental clarity. This blog will be the vessel with which I can get this message as far as I can.

Why would I do this?

  • I feel like a lot of people are making excuses about the help they can get and the obvious assistance that they need.
  • I was the person who thought that I could overcome my issues on my own without help and it caused the destruction of a few very important relationships
  • I honestly believe the world can be a better place once everyone can come to terms with their traumas, concerns, thoughts, and beliefs.

In this blog, I want to tackle a plethora of topics and overall create a safe space where people can learn about the many methods of self care that can go a long way to mental clarity and peace. I would like to be able to even create new innovative ways for people to be more in tune with their inner self and be able to truly show their ability without the shackles of mental slavery. I’ve seen too many times where people are damn near crying out due to the fact that they have reached a block in their lives and they can’t seem to understand what’s going on in terms of why? Sometimes it is as simple as you not being in the right head space for future growth. We can be our own biggest obstacle that no one sees due to the biggest fight being in the center of our minds.

I hope that my words, stories, testimonies, and ideas can be a beacon of light to anyone out there suffering through mental anguish. It can be a dark place, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you just reach out, help can truly be on the way.