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This is getting out of hand

Mental health is important. It was important in the past (although not prioritized too much), it is important in the present (despite the current crisis) and it will continue to be important in the future. In our current landscape, we are trying to further the mental health of all people to ensure that the future can be bright and full of progress and growth. If the future of humanity is so important, then wouldn’t it make sense to invest in the mental health of the youth and future inhabitants of this world? What sense would it make to cripple their mental health with questionable behavior before they are even born? Why create a plethora of broken homes where both parents won’t ever be available for the needs of their children when they need it most?

I say all of this to preface the fact that what celebrities like Nick Cannon and Sean “P Diddy” Combs are doing is dead wrong. Especially Nick Cannon. I have lost count with how many kids the man has now and all I can think about is the growing number of broken homes. All I can see is the kids growing up and needing more and more time from their dad. All I can see is the trauma they will go through not having the one-on-one support that they need. I am a father myself and I know just how much growing kids need their fathers. They are irreplaceable in a child’s life and society has been lowering the impact and importance of fathers and men in general. The overall consensus gets exemplified when you see men just having kids all willy nilly. It sets a very bad precedent that broken homes will have to be accepted as the norm due to the selfishness of to-be parents. This is especially egregious as both men I have mentioned previously already have kids while doing this.

I don’t support this type of activity. I don’t give a fuck about how we as a species were not meant to be with one person. I don’t care if it is their lives to live and do what they want. I don’t care if they are filthy rich. Money doesn’t replace a present father. Money can’t help your kids feel secure and protected all the time. We can’t just assume the kids will be alright with just a full time mom and part time dad. Statistics show they will have some struggles with a here today, gone tomorrow dad. It’s common sense as well. Two parents are more effective than one and it’s really not up for debate. We shouldn’t need to wait for the inevitable mental health breakdown to occur first before we take a stand to protest this foolishness.

Fathers (planning, to-be, present), please know that your children NEED you. Spreading your seed to every Sasha, Becky, and Victoria only diminishes the impact you have on the individual kids. It stifles the amount of one-on-one time you could have with your kids and they will begin to feel unnoticed and underappreciated by you. This is a recipe for disaster as the effects won’t be felt now, but in the future as by then it will be to late to fix. Do all you can to stay in your children’s lives and don’t spread your seed wide and your self thin.


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