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We need to stop validating the wrong things

Social media will forever be one of my greatest enemies. I feel like it is continuing to be a very negative addition to our lives, no matter how much gain can be found within the algorithms. Superficial ideas and ways of thinking continue to pervade almost every site and I am almost losing hope that anything can be done to combat the attacks on our psyche. Looks, clout, and popularity run these apps and reduce our online presence to a popularity contest. It’s disgusting and it not only lowers self esteem, but it also spreads the message that it’s not about who you are or what you do, but about how you look and how many followers you have. A special shout-out goes to those who just use their sexuality to gain the attention.

We throw our attention at those without talent. Whenever something goes viral, it’s a great chance that the content is of a sexual, negative, or attention seeking nature. We throw our likes and time at these posts of scantily clad women or the already rich just shoving their riches in our face. Our attention makes them more popular and more and more people want to emulate what they see. Rinse and repeat until our society is just nothing but X-rated imagery and superficial bullshit. Whether the algorithm is flawed or is intentionally set-up to promote the most bottom of the barrel parts of our society, there is a serious problem regardless. There are so many other issues that need attention more than some only-fans model showing her ass or some artist showing her “riding” skills.

Is there a recession or not? Inflation has gotten way out of control in certain areas (*coughing profusely* NEW YORK *coughing up phlegm*) and we are just meant to deal with it. All these offices are forcing RTO, so who really cares about what the workers want? What can we do to fix the education system and catch up to the losses caused by the pandemic? What the hell are we going to do about the rampant sex-trafficking happening under our noses? What can we do about the depressing lack of empathy pervading our society? There are hundreds of issues in our world that need more attention from everyone, but our attention is elsewhere.

All this superficial content on social media specifically has slowed us down as people. We waste our time scrolling through non-sense when we could have been developing business ideas. We covet what people have instead of appreciating what is right in front of us. We are glued to our phones looking at a nice piece of ass and our kids are growing up out of control because we aren’t paying them attention. Real talk, delete that fucking app and live your life again. We only have one and wasting out time depressing ourselves on these apps does nothing but burn out the time we have that could have went to improving our society.

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