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Your Job and Mental Health

It should go without saying, but your job can play a big role in the state of your mental health. What you do for a living can affect many aspects of your life and how you think and feel about yourself. We all have different temperaments and personality traits, and we need to make sure that our employment can be a positive impact on our mental. We spend a good majority of our days either physically at or thinking about our jobs or ventures that make us money. We need to make sure that we align ourselves with opportunities that we have an affinity for in order to maximize our potential and lead more happy lives.

I’m a more introverted, silent type of individual. I’ll speak at length when I feel the need to speak, otherwise I mostly listen and observe. I can easily engage in conversation and articulate myself well, I just don’t necessarily seek out conversation and interaction. I have a great affinity with helping others with issues and providing solutions for problems. I always loved technology growing up playing video games, and working with computers came easy to me. With all of this combined, information technology and the careers that come with it were a no brainer for me to get into. It’s an incredible field with a ton of potential and I feel I sync well with IT (information technology) positions. I’ve been working in IT for almost 7 years now and it’s a career I feel I will stay and retire in. It fits me very well and I can bring out what I capable of while being content and comfortable in my position. Before I was cemented in my current career trajectory, I dabbled in different career fields and found what I liked and didn’t like. Customer facing roles were not my thing as I hated interacting with too many people at once. I also hated just sitting at a computer all day without interaction as it felt soul draining and that’s why I couldn’t go into programming and software engineering. I can’t and don’t want to sell anything ever, so sales didn’t work. I found my affinity in computer and system administration, and it’s been fruitful and satisfying.

Life is both long and short. Long in the sense that you will need to put in time and effort to get where you want the way you want. Short in the sense that we are only here for a finite time, so you don’t need to waste time in a position or field that does not suit you. “Faking it to make it” does not work forever and authenticity is admirable. Mental health plays a very big role in your success in life, whether you think so or not. The most influential entrepreneurs and business owners know this and work hard to gain mental clarity to continue to succeed in their endeavors. They are on paths that suit them and help maximize their success and we should all strive to follow suit and be our best selves.

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