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Over Sexed Media

Okay, let’s get it out of the way, sex is good. It feels great. It makes you feel alive and it’s just what humans do for reproduction. It’s an activity that adults partake in order to connect, feel pleasure, bond, etc. It’s natural! What I don’t like, however, is how much sex is shown in the media and the audiences that can take in the messages sex can put across. Sex can be seen in almost everything, from TV, to movies, to smartphone apps. It’s broadcasted to us, constantly reinforcing our want to perform sexual acts and keeping us in the mindset. It’s overdone, and it’s polluting what we are as people. We are not just sexual objects. We are all individuals who do other things and can appreciate other things.

Yes, beautiful woman are eye candy. There are nice to look at and they bring up primal desires. Thats normal. That doesn’t mean that when I go on Instagram that I want to see scantily clad woman all the time. Women aren’t just sexual objects. The algorithm all too easily would like to just shove over-sexualized women and concepts in general in our faces. Even trying to alter and shift the algorithm, it feels like overly sexual undertones are the default type of content that Instagram tries to show us. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, no matter the avenue, sexualized concepts keep getting pushed into our faces, trying so hard to get us to give in to our more primal instincts. What’s even worse is the fact that the over-sexualization is then profited off of, which was the ultimate goal. Humans love sex, so naturally let’s sell it to them anyway we can.

There are so many ways that sex can be profited off of. Scantily clad women in video games to profit off horny teens and young adult males. Instagram “models” selling their more sexual assets and prowess for a quick buck. The prevalence of these “models” that attracts men to the platform in the first place, men who then bring money and attention. I mean, let’s be real, the women are why men for the most part are even on the platform. Instagram being a primarily picture focused platform makes this all the more apparent. I am primarily using Instagram as an example, but all the platforms do this in some way or another. Sex is over broad casted, utilized for gain, and no one cares about the after effects.

No one is thinking about the women who lose a piece of themselves having to keep up with sexual standards that dehumanize them. No one thinks about the youth who will be exposed to these images and ideas due to the very low amount of policing done on these platforms. No one thinks about the hit to mental health and the effect that over-sexualization will have on future generations. Young women will grow up, trying hard to keep up with each other in gaining attention the best way they know how. Society will continue to undermine women and place them in a bubble of sex, disregarding what skills and talents these women may have. This cannot be allowed. Humans are sexual creatures, yes, but that is not all we are. Especially women, who get most of the attention from the sexualized media.

Humans are more than sex objects. We are more than just our horny mindsets. We can indulge in more than just sex and carnal pleasure. We know what our bodies do, we don’t need the constant reminder with all the images we see on social media. All the rap lyrics that scream sex acts in our ears. The Netflix shows that throw it in randomly to remind us that people have sex. Like damn, we get it. We are more than that. In order for society to truly continue to evolve we need to put more of our skills on display in all forms of media. We are scholars, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs. Both men and woman can aspire to anything we put our minds too. Sex is just a part of the bigger picture that is human civilization.

I welcome any arguments to my thoughts, as maybe I am trapped in seeing the constant sexualized media pushed to me. I just feel it’s a detriment to our society for sex to be at such a forefront. I would very much like for that to change and for the media to show more of our talents and abilities as humans more than trying to ignite the desires in us for personal gain.

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