The Power of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very powerful and efficient tool in the pursuit of optimal mental health. It allows us to take stock of a situation and pause to really consider how we intend to respond to it. Practicing mindfulness gives you confidence that you will be able to handle a given situation logically. Now, that isn’t to say that it is something that’s easy for everyone to practice and utilize. Some people may have more trouble with it than others. Nevertheless, even baby steps in trying to utilize it can show results that can boost one’s confidence in any given situation.

I myself utilize it in order to properly manage feelings of inadequacy and misunderstanding. Tone sensitivity can lead to misinterpretation and I am very guilty of perceiving the wrong intent in someone’s tone. Mindfulness allows me to take a step back and truly consider a person’s intent before jumping to conclusions that lead to even greater turbulence. It really helps my confidence knowing that I won’t go off on someone who meant no ill will towards me. This goes very far in helping me cultivate meaningful relationships and allows me to be truly present in my interactions without my emotions getting in the way.

Mindfulness requires you to take a few moments to just stop and give yourself a kind of “status report”. Naturally, people may find it weird for you to just suddenly pause in the middle of conversation. That is why repeated practical use of mindfulness allows it to become second nature. You will find yourself always taking stock of your current mental state, which allows you to properly channel energy for your pursuits. You can practice it even in a situation like watching TV or videos on YouTube. Take a moment to listen to the speaker. Hear their tone of voice and then stop to truly consider their intent and how you perceive it. You may find that you gave it thought only based on how they were saying it. Now go back and listen again, trying to keep yourself impartial and taking notice of the feelings that arise as you hear the speaker. You will notice a difference in how you interpreted what the speaker said. A more positive (or negative) interpretation may arise, regardless, you will be in tune with how you react to the new mindset .

Mindfulness practice has been employed to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and even in the treatment of drug addiction. Actual clinical studies have shown it’s effect on so many types of mental illness, and even simple everyday problems. Everyone can benefit from it’s effectiveness in their lives, no matter who you are. I believe that mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools to understanding and displaying the best version of yourself.

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