Why I Want To Reach Others In Terms Of Mental Health

Mental Health has always been something that I found interesting. Going back to my college days, I was always interested in psychology and the mind in general.

Hello! My name is Sean and this is Tyrone’s Mental Health Corner. It’s a place where I just want to share my journey through my own mental landscapes and just give anyone who visits the sense that there is help out there for them and their issues/concerns in regards to mental health. Some people just believe that it’s “all in their head” or that they can get over their problems on their own. That just may not be true and there are trained professionals that can help you work through your concerns. Even if you don’t want to talk to someone, there are different techniques and lifestyle changes that can push you in the direction of mental clarity. This blog will be the vessel with which I can get this message as far as I can.

Why would I do this?

In this blog, I want to tackle a plethora of topics and overall create a safe space where people can learn about the many methods of self care that can go a long way to mental clarity and peace. I would like to be able to even create new innovative ways for people to be more in tune with their inner self and be able to truly show their ability without the shackles of mental slavery. I’ve seen too many times where people are damn near crying out due to the fact that they have reached a block in their lives and they can’t seem to understand what’s going on in terms of why? Sometimes it is as simple as you not being in the right head space for future growth. We can be our own biggest obstacle that no one sees due to the biggest fight being in the center of our minds.

I hope that my words, stories, testimonies, and ideas can be a beacon of light to anyone out there suffering through mental anguish. It can be a dark place, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you just reach out, help can truly be on the way.

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