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My Purpose

In my heart, I feel that being a martyr and advocate of mental health and awareness is my purpose. I have had quite the journey in regards to my own mental health and I wanted to use what I’ve learned to educate others. I wanted to use the knowledge I’ve gained to be…

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Cry Wolf

My latest post was an emotionally charged post. I was in the depths of my darkness and when I am there, it pushes me into a really fucked way of thinking. I truly just don’t want to be here. Death is honestly far from where I want to be. The current situation or…

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Final thoughts

For the 10 people that read these posts, thanks for the time. I really wanted to be a difference in this world and use myself as a martyr for those afraid to voice their struggle with mental help. Unfortunately I am not qualified to continue to do this and my own mental health…

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This is getting out of hand

Mental health is important. It was important in the past (although not prioritized too much), it is important in the present (despite the current crisis) and it will continue to be important in the future. In our current landscape, we are trying to further the mental health of all people to ensure that…

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We need more safe spaces!

Sometimes it can be hard for people to open up about what is troubling them. Society puts the onus on us to be the very best version of ourselves. Anything less is seen as not good enough to be displayed and this can push people to ignore trauma and push their mental health…

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“That is making me uncomfortable, would you mind stopping?” “It makes me feel uncomfortable that you post these kinds of things as my partner” “I don’t want to go to that event” “I am not comfortable with PDA” “I need space, please?” As a human being, you MUST be comfortable with setting boundaries.…

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