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We need more safe spaces!

Sometimes it can be hard for people to open up about what is troubling them. Society puts the onus on us to be the very best version of ourselves. Anything less is seen as not good enough to be displayed and this can push people to ignore trauma and push their mental health…

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“That is making me uncomfortable, would you mind stopping?” “It makes me feel uncomfortable that you post these kinds of things as my partner” “I don’t want to go to that event” “I am not comfortable with PDA” “I need space, please?” As a human being, you MUST be comfortable with setting boundaries.…

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Men’s Mental Health Rant

This might offend someone somewhere and I can’t find the patience to care at this point. For years, we have heard talks and complaints about the “patriarchy” and how it has affected women’s rights and how women are viewed and treated. Almost anywhere you look, you can find women empowerment or resources to…

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We need to stop validating the wrong things

Social media will forever be one of my greatest enemies. I feel like it is continuing to be a very negative addition to our lives, no matter how much gain can be found within the algorithms. Superficial ideas and ways of thinking continue to pervade almost every site and I am almost losing…

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